Serving together 

One word: Shiplap! Joanna Gaines is a designer genius for bringing shiplap into all of our worlds. The classic look of white wood in any room is amazing to me. When I was asked to shiplap all the walls of a little girls bedroom I was so excited! We have shiplap in our bedroom but this was the first time being able to do an entire bedroom, so I was pumped and ready to go!
When looking at the bedroom, it had dark green paneling and trim on 3 of the walls. I knew we were going to have to do some demo before being able to do the shiplap over the walls to make sure the walls were clean and good to go.

We started from the bottom on one wall and slowly but surely we worked our way up to the very top. Alana and I decided that we wanted the shiplap to look old and not perfect and that it would look like it had been there the whole time. Landon and I left a few gaps in-between boards to add that “old” look to the shiplap. We finished the top off with a simple trim just to make it look complete and clean. Then we got to painting!

Landon doesn’t like it when I paint because somehow I seem to get paint over pretty much everything along with the walls. However, I love painting! If you ever get the chance, ask Landon about the time I started painting our extra bathroom at 8:30pm. 😉 Luckily, at Alana’s house I had a good drop cloth to keep their beautiful hardwoods clean, well, somewhat clean. 😉 It took a couple hours of painting the walls with a classic white.  Next, I was able to help Alana hang things on the wall that she had bought for the room. It all came together so perfect!

Landon built a floating shelf to go above the bed and a corner desk out of an old pallet. Although sweet Emma’s room is small, the bright white shiplap made the room feel much bigger. Along with giving her a desk with some book storage we also re-arranged her room to maximize all of the space. Landon and I had a blast spending time with them and being able to hang with their three sweet kids. They kept us laughing the entire time and Alana kept us fed, so of course we were super happy. 😉 We loved our time with them while being able to help change Emma’s room; plus we got to know a little bit about their life story. We can’t wait to go back (hopefully soon😃) to hang out with them and their awesome kids!

Another special project Landon and I were able to do together over the week of spring break was serve in New Orleans on our Church’s High School mission trip. This project looked a little different from decorating or ship-lapping a wall, but it was so rewarding. Their was a group of 23 of us that went down to NOLA and served all week in food pantries, soup kitchens and with the homeless people. The City of New Orleans is so pretty and has so much history but sadly this state also has so many lost and broken people. Watching our group of high schoolers give up their spring break to serve others was incredible and humbling. Also being able to watch my husband love on students and people all week made my heart melt even more.

There is nothing more humbling than serving other people who have less than you do. This past week was such a good reminder that our God is good and faithful. Landon and I loved that we were able to work together along with some incredible people all week. That’s what it’s all about, helping and loving others. I love that I am able to do that with my husband in so many different ways. We are beyond blessed.


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