Shiplap, Tiling and Jokes 

Landon and I loved working on this last project and had an absolute blast! We laughed a tone, learned a lot, and made a ton of jokes. We were honored to be able to help them change their home and are so thankful for how awesome they were.  The flip of their living room and kitchen turned out amazing!  

When Tami and I sat down and started talking about everything she wanted I knew it was going to be a drastic change from what they currently had. The biggest change she wanted to have happen was their fireplace. She really wanted to make it more a statement piece than it was. They also wanted to possibly move their tv from the corner to over the fireplace, if possible. I wanted to do something cool with the little nook that the tv amour sat in and really maximize their space as best as possible. I really also wanted to cut her plant/tree intake to half 🙂  Here are the before pictures: 

We decided that lightening everything up would make a huge difference and that started with the wall color. I really wanted to paint the walls to a light gray and Tami, like a pro,ended up painting the kitchen and living room in two days.  Tami liked the farmhouse look but also liked things to be clean & cut. I knew the fireplace would take us the most time and work so we got started on that first. We found some cool white herringbone tile that we both loved. We wanted to also add a fireplace bench to add some height and do the tile on that as well. I knew that re-tileing everything would be a little difficult, but I always love a challenge so I said, “let’s do this thang!” That is when things got fun and Tami’s tiling business opened up.😉 Landon built the fireplace bench that had a secrete little door on the side so that they would be able to still start their gas fireplace. We added shiplap all above the upper part of the fireplace with a big beam in the middle. 
Now listen, tiling with herringbone tile is not for the faint of heart. There were a lot of laughs and time that went into that tile and maybe a couple tears haha but in the end it turned out so pretty. It took us probably 3x as long as it would someone else, but if we hadn’t had done it ourselves then I wouldn’t be able to appreciate how much work goes into tiling herringbone. Plus, Tami and I wouldn’t have been able to bond over all the tiling fun we had together. But the biggest thing I learned was how much I will never tile herringbone tile again.😉 Overall though, we learned a lot and had a ton of fun hanging over at their house!

After talking with Tami I decided that doing a cool built in with some storage and shelves would be the best way to maximize that space in the corner now. I wanted to still carry the shiplap over to the nook to make the whole room flow but also tie in the brown beam, the window coverings and the kitchen table, so we also did some brown shelves. Landon built everything himself, like a pro and it all turned out so good! 

I love the fireplace so much and even though it made me sad to put that massive tv over the beautiful shiplaped wall, it all looks amazing! Their kitchen now looks so different and I had Calligraphy by Karmen make her a custom sign for the kitchen that turned out great! We are going to continue to get some things for the living room and have fun but we seriously had a blast working on their house and loved how it turned out. We made a lot of memories during this project and we are so thankful they allowed us to come in, cause a mess and work on their home. I am still trying to convince Tami to go into business with us 🙂 Here are all the afters of what it looks like now! 

Stay tuned for some more fun projects        from the Freeman’s! 

📷: Kristen Brooke Photography 


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