Farm House Flip

For anyone that knows me or has ever had a conversation with me knows that I love decorating houses. I love Home Goods. I love shiplap and I love building things (or watching my husband build things). So when I was approached by a friend about helping her move a couple things around, I jumped at the opportunity. But one of my dreams came true when she told me that she wanted to “flip her house” to a farm house look! It was like Christmas morning for me! The first thing I did was go through her house and have her tell me what sentimental things absolutely needed to stay and what things we could sell to make some extra “budget” cash. Her house was so opposite of a farm house that she had to get rid of virtually everything except about 10 items. However, she was just as excited as I was to flip her house to a farm house look.

We knew we wanted to start in the living room since that was where the biggest projects were going to be. Here is what her living room looked like before we started.

The biggest change I wanted to make happen was to do something about the fireplace and those two awkward indentions in the wall. I finally decided I wanted to shiplap the entire fireplace and add a custom bench at the bottom to improve the fireplace look/height.

I then wanted to take the deer heads off the wall and do something that took up a little bit more wall space. The ceiling of the house is 18ft and there are 3 giant walls that just made the room feel big and empty. That’s when I went to my second favorite thing, floating shelves. I decided 3-4 floating shelves on both sides of the TV would not only take up wall space but compliment the fireplace well.

We also talked about changing up and having Landon build a blanket ladder, a new coffee table, a new side table, a window covering, a bookshelf, a custom family sign done by Calligraphy by Karmen, and other small changes. After brainstorming and dreaming for a little bit, I decided a pallet wall on their stairwell wall would be awesome. I added that to my sweet hubby’s list 🙂

The first project we took on and tackled was the biggest one: the fireplace. I knew once we got that done we could see everything else start to come together. Landon started from the top and worked his way down (while trying not to cry from being up so high).

Once we got down to the actual fireplace, he had to start making custom cuts to fit around the fireplace design. Then he worked super hard on custom making the bench that came off the ground about 1 ft and out about 2 1/2 ft. I am so thankful I have a husband who is patient enough to make all those custom cuts and is able to come up with the design ideas and make them a reality.

While he was working on that, I was hanging the floating shelves and trying not to put 50,000 extra holes in the wall. Julie and I decided to spend the extra money and add the pipe above the shelving and the ropes in between the shelves.

Next we conquered the pallet wall! I thought it would be so much fun and add even more character to the room by doing the wall with pallet wood. We didn’t actually use pallet wood but got the same look. I LOVE the pallet wall and I found the most perfect side table with a slab of wood to match it exactly.

It seriously looks so cool and makes a huge difference in the room. My incredible husband worked so hard and made everything for the living room. What a stud 🙂

We also started working on the kitchen and flipping it as well. We began with changing her table and painting all the chairs. I decided that I wanted to make the top of her table wood instead of just painting it white. Landon did the top of the table and sealed it with a special sealer so food and liquids wouldn’t ruin it. We still have some small changes to make in the kitchen but it’s come a long way 🙂

You can see more pictures down below of everything that Landon made plus the start of the decorating as it was taking place. Stay tuned for the pictures from the next house we worked on!

The book shelf Landon built

Entry way piece that we built to fit on her wall:)


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