Wash, Fold, Dry, Repeat

It’s been a while since I last posted about a project that I worked on but I finally found time to write about another super fun project I did for my mom! 

Now that my mom has officially let me start to re-do her house, one room at a time and very slowly so she can watch my every move, 🙂 I have learned how much more I love decorating and flipping things.

The first project that my mom let me take on was her extra guest bathroom in their house. The bathroom had pretty much stayed the exact same for the last 8-10 years and it was ready for a change. It took Landon and I about 5-6 hours to completely finish it all, and I love it! 

After that, I wanted to move on to her laundry room next and try to take that on. Since she trusted me more on this room, because I did such a fantastic job on the bathroom, 🙂 I was able to do things on my own.

First thing I knew that needed to be done was that it needed to be painted. In order to save money, and because we loved the color, we used the same color gray that we used in the guest bathroom. All 3 walls of the laundry room were painted but one. I wanted to something fun and different on one wall to have an accent wall. After my mom and I talked and started looking, we decided that we were going to use contact paper on it. We found some we liked on Target.com and ordered 2 of them. Contact paper is awesome if you have patience. It is not very easy to work with, and can take some time measuring and cutting, but it is a great alternative because it’s not permanent. I measured out all the cuts that I needed to make in order to cover the wall and just started peeling away and sticking.

After that I looked at the counter tops in there and knew it was time to do something to them. We went back and forth about possibly doing concrete or even wood but decided to do something even easier: Suede paint. If you never knew, Ralph Lauren has different types of paint which are super cool and their suede paint is made to somewhat look like granite because of the movement in the paint. You can get it at HomeDepot or order it online. My moms counter tops in the laundry room are vinyl so I knew that I needed a primer to give my paint something to stick on. 

I used Kilz paint and primer and this stuff works super great. After letting it dry for about an hour I started painting away with my Suede paint. I will recommended that you buy their paint roller because it will bring in more morvment and help with the texture of the paint. It ended needing around 5 coats and then got sealed with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Then I ended up cutting and staining this large piece of wood to sit on top of the washer/ dryer so she could have more counter space to fold. We found this super cute white farm house light fixture on clearance at HomeDepot and knew we had to get it. Then I went to Hoby Lobby and got some new updated decor to go with new look.

Overall, this room took me about 6 hours and looks completely different. I absolutely love it and think it makes a huge difference. It didn’t cost too much and is so much better and functional than how it was before. If you’re going to spend so much time in your laundry room, might as well make it pretty and functional 🙂 



It inspired me to do a little update to my laundry room as well with the new Joanna Gaines paint 🙂

Stay tuned for my next project/ home re-do:) 


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