Welcome to my entry way

I’ve been going back and forth for about a month now on how I wanted to finish out our entry way. My sweet and talented husband built me this amazing entertainment system with sliding barn doors that I LOVE.  

 But with how long our wall is and where the Tv/entertainment system was I had this empty space in between my door and the entertainment system. I started to look on Pinterest and Instagram to see if there was anything that I liked. I fell in love with a couple entry way tables but, decided that I didn’t really want another table there. Finally I found this bench on Wayfair.com and fell in love with it. 

After that I found this super cool tutorial about how I can add to the look of my big 5 gallon glass jug that I had. I love my big jug and love changing out what I put in it! I was so excited when I found something that I could do to protect it from breaking. You can order the glass jug online on Amazon and then follow these plans on how to make the wood crate that goes around it. Crate plans here.  

The great thing about this is that even if you have little kids, the crate is meant to make it safe so kids can’t push it over and break the glass jar. Landon knocked this DIY out super quickly and then I came in after to stain it. I wanted to add something more to it though than just the stain, so I took a little bit of my Annie Sloan paint and added some of my gray/white to it and then rubbed it in. 

After that I started to gather up all the different things that I wanted to put on my entry way wall. I decided to use some of my favorite signs plus my super cute picture of our house that my sister in law Maddie gave to us as a welcoming house gift! 🙂 She also did my “be still & know” sign that people were asking me about. 🙂 It makes a great “Welcome Home” gift! My super talented Sister-In-Laws store

I have a couple more things that I need to buy and make in order for it to be complete but for now I think it makes that big wall look so much better. I have to stay on my budget of “house junk” (as Landon calls it”) or I don’t get to go to Disney World in September 😦 so for now, this will do! 🙂 

The entry way to your house really does make a huge difference. It’s the first thing that people see when they walk into your home and the last thing they see as they leave. Because of that, add some character to it and make it personal! If you’re looking for something easy and cheap to do to change up your entry way or even somewhere else in your house then the 5 gallon crate is a great idea!  

Coming up next: How I flipped my moms laundry room in a day 🙂 


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