You Live You Learn 

My last blog post was all about my new favorite project our brick wall in the kitchen/ living room!

 It’s just so pretty and makes me so happy. Well before the brick wall happened, I wrote a blog post about how we flipped our kitchen in 4 days.  If you haven’t seen how we did it you can read about it here… Welcome to Our Kitchen

Today I’m going to share with you a couple things that I learned about painting kitchen cabinets.

When we went to the design center to pick everything out for our house, the nice lady there told us that white cabinets were not even an option 🙂 Therefore, I decided that I was just going to paint mine white because how hard could it be right? WRONG…..W.R.O.N.G! Now listen I read a number of blogs and studied on how several ladies did different things/ techniques and I finally decided how I was going to do it: white chalk paint and wax seal.

We removed all of our cabinet doors first then I started the process on painting them white.

 Now here is where I learned my first big lesson. If you have cabinets that have a seal over them like mine did then you have to, HAVE TO, put a primer on them first. If not you will use a ton of your nice white paint on the first 2/3 coats which pretty much make up the primer. You can try to sand them down but if you don’t have real wood cabinets, which if you do I’m jealous, then sanding down the cabinets are just going to expose your cheaper version wood and can actually damage the wood. So lesson 1: buy a good primer.


Lesson #2: Air flow= bad

I also learned that I needed to close my garage so debris couldn’t get in and mix with my paint on my cabinets. I thought that maybe I could crack my garage open to help with the air flow, but in reality all I did was let in a bunch of dirt, bugs, etc. Which then perceded to try to get on my wet painted cabinets. I know you won’t be able to keep all the stuff in the air out but you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you just close your garage or paint in a place that doesn’t have a lot of air flow.

Lesson #3: Buy a paint sprayer.

After about 5 coats of paint my cabinets were finally starting to look white.

 The problem was I hated the brush strokes from the paint brushes. Landon and Matt went to Home Depot and got a $40 sprayer that hooked up to Landon’s compressor and it worked like a dream. I poured the white paint in, added some water to it, and sprayed that bad boy. It took me and my friend Mallory about 40 minutes to do both sides. It was amazing. If you decide you don’t like the look that the sprayer is giving you, which I heard numerous people didn’t like, including myself, then just keep reading to my next lesson.

Lesson #4: Water and paint can be a good thing.  

 So whether you decide to spray or just hand brush your cabinets, when you start to get to your final coat you need to add water to your paint. I recently did this on another project and it was awesome. If you ever have thick paint and it is leaving brush strokes that you don’t like, add water. I took a plastic cup and mixed some of the paint and a little water together and then brushed over it and it was amazing. It looks watery but all it does it take away the brush stroke appearance of the splotchy look the sprayer can give you. You’ll have to figure out for yourself how much water you need to add depending on how much paint you have in your cup. You don’t want it too watery or it will just run everywhere, but adding water to your paint for the last two coats will make a world of difference.

 Lesson 5: Seal it good.

There are a ton of different sealers you can use honestly. I bought a bunch of wax sealer to use on the cabinets but actually ended up switching to polyurethane because I wanted just a tad glossier finish and I wanted a really good seal. I found that a wax seal with chalk paint isn’t as durable as the polyurethane.
Overall, painting our cabinets was miserable. Haha my friend Chelsa helped me a ton, along with my friend Mallory and Landon’s mom. I learned a lot on the way and if I could go back and re-do it, I totally would. But it was a good lesson learned and our cabinets still turned out pretty good! If you are thinking about re-doing your cabinets then make sure you are ready for the challenge! But in the end, it will all be worth it!



BIG NEWS: So I finally convinced my mom to start letting me re-do her house room by room!!:) Stay tuned for some fun house re-do’s! Yay!!


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