Welcome to our Kitchen


I cannot believe that we have been living in our house now for almost 2 months! Sometimes, I feel like it has been longer and then other times, when I look at unpacked boxes, I feel like we just moved in and the boxes will never end. This blog has been over due and I have been wanting to sit down and write about how we flipped our kitchen in 4 days but honestly there is A LOT that went on and went down, so I have been putting it off a little. But finally, after many people asking me about it, I have finally began to sit down and write about how we did out kitchen in just 4 short days. This blog is just going to be showing you the overview of our kitchen, but stay tuned on more specific blogs coming soon!

Like I have said before, when we bought our house I knew that we were not going to be able to get certain styles and items in our kitchen due to cost. Therefore, we decided that we would just DIY a lot of it after moving in. After watching HGTV, I felt like we could do anything. Our kitchen was our biggest undertaking and then after that we took on doing shiplap walls in our bedroom, which I will talk about in another post 🙂 For this post I wanted to show you our kitchen. So welcome to the “Before” of the Freeman household kitchen!

Due to cost, we were not allowed to get white cabinets, like I wanted and had dreamed about, so instead we got these dark brown ones so that I would be able to paint over them and distress them.  


As you can see here, we also took the stainless still small sink and basic faucet with it.

The dark cabinets just made the whole kitchen feel very small and enclosed. I also knew that I wanted to do something different with our island.

When it came to our counter tops, we just took the basic laminate counter tops because I knew that I wanted to do concrete counter tops instead.  Also, we opted for no back splash because I knew that we could do that ourselves as well! We pretty much took everything standard and basic to save money.

We officially closed on our house on January 29th, 2016! We officially started renovating our house on January 29th, 2016 🙂 3 hours after closing 🙂 Now you might call us crazy, but it was a fun experience with some great friends and family! Here is how we started!

  1. The first thing we knew we needed to get started on was painting the cabinets. We removed all the cabinets and their hinges. We took them to the garage where we had a big blue drop cloth waiting for them. After about 9 coats of paint and a couple tears shed, I wanted to smash every cabinet door in sight and seriously considered how upset I would make my husband if I hired someone to make custom white cabinets. 🙂 Finally though, I figured out the best way to paint cabinets and things I should have avoided. I am going to be writing about it on my next blog, so stay tuned!
  2. We did our concrete counter tops and realized that it is not that hard but you have to be really good at smoothing out concrete and a lot of patience. 🙂 I am going to be writing another blog on how to do those because once again, it was a lot of steps and things to buy. So stay tuned for how to do concrete counter tops 🙂
  3. We did our back splash in white subway tile and a gray grout for a contrast. Subway tile is cheap and not super hard but if you don’t have a wet saw to cut the tile then it would be way more difficult. Stay tuned for how we did our Subway tile and all that you need to do your own subway tile.

Overall, I LOVED doing our renovations before we moved in. We didn’t have to live in our renovations and were able to move in slowly over the whole week and unpack as we went. It was a great experience and we had a ton of fun with our friends Matt and Chelsa. We also had our fantastic families that came and helped us throughout the experience.Stay tuned for all the break downs of how we did everything in our kitchen and our ship lap walls 🙂

Welcome to the new Freeman household kitchen!


As you can see, the farm house sink made a huge and incredible difference. We got the sink and new faucet on Wayfair.com for a super great price and it wasn’t to hard to install. It has made a huge difference and I am so glad that we went ahead and spent the extra couple hundred to get it.

The top of our island became a butcher block that Landon and I made over the course of a couple of days. We bought a butcher block sealer so food, water, etc can all sit on it and not ruin it. It is one of my favorite things in our kitchen. I also found these awesome corbels online on Etsy.com to add some character to our island. They were $80 for both of them and I think they make a big difference, so it was worth the money.


This was our extra wall in our kitchen that we could have paid a good chunk of money to have more cabinets put in. But instead we decided that we wanted to do something different. I really wanted to make the kitchen feel very open so I knew I didn’t want any bulky pieces of furniture. Instead, Landon built me this concrete farm house table off of a picture I gave him from Fixer Upper. 🙂 Not only did it save us some money but I like it a whole lot more than just more cabinets. I still want to do some more things to this wall and change some things around but until my husband gives me more money, it will be staying like this:)



I bought our table and chairs from round top last spring and re-did them over time. I got the table and 6 chairs for $200! It started as a yellow mustard table with yellow chairs and burlap seats. I re-painted it and re-did the seat cushions to more my style. I also did that chandelier over time and customized to fit my style. The floating shelves were done by Landon and I think he did a fantastic job on them 🙂

As you can see, our kitchen looks a whole lot bigger and brighter! Little things like adding nobs to our cabinets and adding the corbels below the island really made a huge difference. I LOVE our new kitchen and love that we did it together with friends in only 4 days. It didn’t cost us a whole lot but it made a huge different and feels a lot more like our home.

I haven’t completely finished decorating but my sweet and responsible husband has put me on a budget so we can afford to buy food. 🙂

If you want to know how we did our kitchen cabinets and things to AVOID while doing them then stay tuned for my next blog!

Thanks for reading and for visiting our kitchen! 🙂




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