Barn doors everywhere!

  I love barn doors. I actually love all types of cool, rustic, vintage looking doors. Replacing doors in a home can really change up the whole room and can be inexpensive if you know where to look.  Since we were buying a track home with a larger builder, I really wanted to try and bring some unique features into our home to make it “ours” and bring out the rustic look. One of the easiest ways to do that; replace the standard white doors that the house came with fun barn doors.

I decided that the two doors I was going to start on was our master bathroom doors and our pantry door. The pantry door I wanted to do for fun and to add more of a wood look to match our kitchen island butcher block. But our bathroom doors I wanted to do for not only looks but also to maximize the space of our bathroom. agasdfasdfThe door that came in the master bath actually opened up into the bathroom and therefor was cutting off half of the space, making it feel really small and enclosed.

Once I landed on that idea I started to do my research on what type of wood and materials I would need to make this door. I didn’t want it to be too heavy because I didn’t want to brace two heavy doors. Finally after reading about what other people did I came up with how I wanted it to look and started right to work!

I ended up getting individual fence boards because they were light weight and only cost $1.55 each. Because of the measurements of the door I had to cut one of the boards in half. After that I laid them all out and started to drill them into the wood.

However, because the wood is light weight and not very thick, it started to split easily, so my husband got out his nail gun and we used small trim nails to attach the board across to all the wood. I loved it because it not only held it but you couldn’t really see the nail holes in the wood. After that I got to sanding… and then after I sanded some more. zvxcvzThen I flipped both boards over and sanded even more. If you want to save yourself some time you can buy wood that is already sanded but you will spend a little bit more money. I didn’t really mind sanding though, so I saved the money and sanded for probably around 30-45 minutes on each side.



For my pantry door I bought heavier and already treated wood so I actually didn’t have to IMG_1491sand that wood at all! However, it is way heaver and thicker than my bathroom doors.

After sanding, I started to stain both sides and then added a final coat of polyurethane to protect it. I bought hinges from Lowes and then bought pipes to make the handles out of. However I ended up taking all the pipe back because it was around $40 for all the pipe material opposed to the $6 each at Hobby Lobby 🙂

After hanging up both doors in the kitchen and in our bedroom I am in love! The pantry door cost us around $50 to make (including the hinges and the handle) and the bathroom doors cost us around $30 to make (including hinges and the handles). They both seriously make such a difference in both rooms and were super easy to make, stain and seal. If you want to make a cute and inexpensive change to a room or hallway start looking and different door ideas!


Stay tuned to see our kitchen and bedroom make over !! 🙂

Material needed for pantry door:

5- 2x6x8

3- 1x6x8

1- 1x4x8

Circular or Table Saw


2 1/2 inch screws

Nail gun

Black hinges (Lowes)

Door handle (Lowes)

Material needed for bathroom door:

8- Fence boards

Door handles- Hobby Lobby

Circular or Table Saw


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