Problem Solved

We only have a couple more days till we move into our brand new house and I am beyond excited! This weekend we actually wont be moving in, we will be renovating the kitchen first. I know I know, I am crazy to move into a brand new house and renovate it already. But we both knew when we were looking at the home design center that everything we liked was out of our price range. So this weekend we have signed up our besties Matt and Chelsa to renovate the kitchen with us and possibly do some other stuff 🙂 Yahooo! I can not wait to show everyone how we transform our track home into a more custom “Fixer Upper” style house!


For our master bedroom we will be doing shiplap walls all around but more to come later on that 🙂 Since our master bedroom is not as ginormous as I would like it to be I have been trying to find ways to save space but still make it functional for us. Which comes to my problem with our end of the bed. We got our headboard for FREE (score!) from some good friends of ours and I was able to spray paint it a dark bronze/wrought iron color to match our bedroom.

Unfortunately, they didn’t still have the foot board which sent me on a hunt. At first I spent a ton of time online trying to see if I could just buy only a footboard, which apparently is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Then, when I was able to find one it didn’t even match the design of the headboard. Finally, I gave up on the hunt for a footboard and fell in love with the idea of having some sort of bench at the end of our bed. That then sent me into another hunt for finding the right bench that I liked and one that wouldn’t cause Landon to talk to me again about “spending money” or “budgeting.” Just kidding, kind of. I am glad I have him or I would have spent all of our money on home renovations and chandeliers. 🙂

I finally came across a bench on Pinterest xxshi5262bd513a1b4that was the style that I liked and said it was only $15 to make, so I was sold. I went to Lowes and got 2- 2x4x8 and 1-2x6x12. The instructions were pretty easy to follow except I changed a couple of things through out the process.


I started by cutting my board and making the legs of the bench first. My helpful hubby had to help me with


cutting off the leg boards at 45 degree angels because that is not my thing yet.

After that I cut the 2x6x12 in half and start to screw the legs into the boards but then realized I didn’t want my bench to be that long so I actually went and shaved about 2 1/2 feet off of it.

After that I continued to follow the instructions until it came time to add the two last boards going at an angel. This was a lot more difficult that I thought it would be.

After about 4 tries I had to let Landon take over because I didn’t have the patience to keep trying so I just moved onto another one of my projects 🙂  Finally, he got it and screwed them in there for me. I finished the bench off with the dark walnut stain and gave it a clear coating. Landon loves the finish that this sealer gives because it is shiny and makes it look really nice and clean cut. fgafssdf

Overall, this bench really did cost us around $15 and was made in about a couple of hours. If you are looking for an inexpensive bench that has a farmhouse look to it then this bench is perfect! It would be so cute painted different colors or put at your entry way or even outside. This bench has a ton of possibilities!  I am excited to put it at the end of our bed soon 🙂

Stay tuned for our home renovations coming next week! 🙂

Here are the plans that I followed for the bench to make it easier on you 🙂



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