For the Love of Fireplaces! 


I love fireplaces. I love how fireplaces are an automatic statement piece no matter what they look like. Growing up my parents have always had a fireplace in their house and all though it hasn’t been lit very much, (if you live in Texas you’ll understand) I have always thought fireplaces are the prettiest things. Plus if you watch Fixer Upper on HGTV then you know Joanna loves her some fireplaces and can turn any old ugly fireplace into this beautiful rustic looking fireplace. So I was determined to find a house with a fire place that I could decorate all pretty.

However, when Landon and I started looking at homes I realized that fireplaces are not as easy to come by as I thought, especially in our price range for homes. And “fixer uppers” in Katy are not what they are in Waco. Seriously, why cant all houses be in that price range or my husband just let me move to Waco to buy a “fixer upper” for only $15,000. I would seriously commute everyday! But when we found the neighborhood that we are about to move into we knew that was where the Lord had us, so we bought ourselves some land and decided to build a house! Sadly though, my hopes and dreams of having a fireplace were crushed when the floor plans that we were picking out of didn’t have a fire place. But I didn’t let that stop me,  I was determined to have some sort of fireplace in our home. Which is when I went to Pinterest and started looking at faux fireplaces. These are a couple of the ones I loved.

Once I saw those I knew I had to have one in our house. My friend Chelsa really wanted me to get one at Round Top but after we searched all day most of them were way too expensive at $200-$400. So my searched continued! Finally, after some time Landon’s mom, Aunt and Grandma finally found one for me up in the Dallas area! I was so excited to go see it and was hoping it would work in our house. We went to this cute antique store in Waxahachie and I knew right as I saw it that it would be the perfect one to fix up. Plus it was only $80 dollars!


When I got it home the first thing I did was clean it really well. It had been sitting in their back store area waiting to get fixed up for a while  so it was pretty dirty. After that I knew I  wanted to add some sort of detail to it in the middle. I loved the corbels on both sides but I knew something needed to go into the middle of it. So Landon and I went to Lowes and found this wood applique that was the perfect size to fit in the middle of it.

FullSizeRenderLandon first had to fix the top mantel part because it had started to come off and the nails were showing. But luckily Landon is very handy and was easily able to nail gun it back in there. After that he used Wood glue to attach the applique on there and I let it sit for about 3 hours before I started painting.

I didn’t want to sand anything down before because I wanted all the wear and tear that it had to be there so I could distress it after.I decided that I wanted the fireplace to be white, of course 🙂 So I grabbed my paint brush and began to paint away while jamming to Jbiebs (Don’t judge me). I ended up doing two coats on the fire place because I just used regular paint instead of chalk paint and regular paint goes on thinner than chalk paint. Painting it completely probably took me around 45 minutes each because all the little nooks on the applique and in the corners took a little longer than expected.

 After it was completely painted and dry, Landon helped me nail gun two plywood boards to the back of it so I could nail gun the old wood to the front of it. I had some old wood boards left over from another project so I grabbed them and started measuring away. I cut them all up into different sizes and Landon and I decided that a subway tile stacking is the pattern that we wanted to do so we could match our kitchen back splash.

Finally, I was almost done! I stood it up and after looking at the wood decided I wanted to bring out all the grains in them more.  So I used some wood conditioner to make the details in the old boards stand out more.


This Pre-stain wood conditioner is awesome. I have used this stuff on numerous projects and it always makes the wood look 10x better and pulls out all the grains.

While the wood was drying from the wood conditioner I started to sand some of the edges down because I didn’t think the clean and cut style would blend as well with the wood.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Once I sanded down the edges and distressed it a little I loved the way it blended better with the wood and looked more rustic.


Overall this project only cost me $80 for the fireplace because I had all the other wood and wood conditioner. I haven’t quite decided where I am going to be putting in our house yet. I am either going to put in our master bedroom or in a corner of our house to create a little reading nook by the window. If you don’t have a fireplace in your house or maybe just want something different to change up a room then maybe a faux fireplace is what you need!

Hannah Freeman

*Stay tuned on how I am going to be re-doing a girls room next weekend!




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