The Start of Something New

I can’t believe that another year has already come and passed. For me personally 2015 was a big year full of exciting changes and new adventures. I got engaged in February of 2015 to Landon Freeman, started building a house in August, married September 5th, honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta after that, first thanksgiving and Christmas as “The Freeman’s”and through it all I have been having the best time of my life being married to my best friend!

During our vacation time after Christmas Landon and I had a lot of down time to relax, watch TV, do projects and talk about different goals and dreams that we had. One of mine was starting a blog about all of our home projects we had been working on and documenting them on how we did it in hopes of inspiring someone else to do something new or different with their home. I love doing projects and building things and Landon sometimes calls me crazy because right as we start working on one project I am already onto the next one…. or two:) I have always loved working on projects and using my creative side that the Lord gave me. When I was in Junior high and High school I always tried to convince my dad to do projects and build with me. That man had more patience with me as he tried to teach me how to use tools and not skip any steps just to make the project go by faster 🙂 But ever since then my love for home projects, painting, creating and glitter have just gotten bigger and luckily I married a man who is as patient as my dad and loves building with me.

We are about 22 days away from closing on our very first home located on Ivory Glass! Yay! The Lord has blown us both away with how much he has taken care of us through this whole home buying process. We have had a great experience building with Pulte homes and have loved watching the Freeman house come to life. We are going to be living in a newer area in Katy, Tx right off highway 99. The whole neighborhood is getting developed and hopefully will all be complete and finished by the end of this summer.


    All though building has been a blast and being able to pick out everything in our home has been fun, waiting on the house to actually be done has been really hard for me. (Landon once again has way more patience) So to keep myself busy while waiting I have been building and buying and building and buying 🙂 and then building some more! (Shout out to Cindy and Ed for letting us store everything and take over while we wait) All though we are moving into a brand new home Landon and I have been working on a ton of different projects for the house that more fit our style and need that don’t cost an arm and a leg. fsdafsdimage2

And that is where this blog comes in! I am going to be documting all of our house projects and show steps on how we did everything so that maybe it will inspire someone else to do a fun project in their house. Just this past week I helped a friend chalk paint this beautiful but old kitchen table into a new even more beautiful table that makes her kitchen nook look amazing and pulls it all together. Plus it just so happens that she had an old king size iron headboard that she gave to me for free! (You da best Erin) All though I love shopping at because their prices are amazing, nothing beats free and it’s beautiful. I will be posting pictures soon of how I re-do it to fit the scheme of our bedroom.

So if you love home projects, building things, creating something new or just love the show Fixer Upper (I will be talking about my love for them in another blog because I just need more space for it all) than stay tuned for some fun, easy and creative home projects coming from The Freeman household!

Hannah Freeman

Stay tuned for how I re-did this old fire mantel into a rustic faux fireplace for our new home!image1


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