Serving together 

One word: Shiplap! Joanna Gaines is a designer genius for bringing shiplap into all of our worlds. The classic look of white wood in any room is amazing to me. When I was asked to shiplap all the walls of a little girls bedroom I was so excited! We have shiplap in our bedroom but this was the first time being able to do an entire bedroom, so I was pumped and ready to go!
When looking at the bedroom, it had dark green paneling and trim on 3 of the walls. I knew we were going to have to do some demo before being able to do the shiplap over the walls to make sure the walls were clean and good to go.

We started from the bottom on one wall and slowly but surely we worked our way up to the very top. Alana and I decided that we wanted the shiplap to look old and not perfect and that it would look like it had been there the whole time. Landon and I left a few gaps in-between boards to add that “old” look to the shiplap. We finished the top off with a simple trim just to make it look complete and clean. Then we got to painting!

Landon doesn’t like it when I paint because somehow I seem to get paint over pretty much everything along with the walls. However, I love painting! If you ever get the chance, ask Landon about the time I started painting our extra bathroom at 8:30pm. 😉 Luckily, at Alana’s house I had a good drop cloth to keep their beautiful hardwoods clean, well, somewhat clean. 😉 It took a couple hours of painting the walls with a classic white.  Next, I was able to help Alana hang things on the wall that she had bought for the room. It all came together so perfect!

Landon built a floating shelf to go above the bed and a corner desk out of an old pallet. Although sweet Emma’s room is small, the bright white shiplap made the room feel much bigger. Along with giving her a desk with some book storage we also re-arranged her room to maximize all of the space. Landon and I had a blast spending time with them and being able to hang with their three sweet kids. They kept us laughing the entire time and Alana kept us fed, so of course we were super happy. 😉 We loved our time with them while being able to help change Emma’s room; plus we got to know a little bit about their life story. We can’t wait to go back (hopefully soon😃) to hang out with them and their awesome kids!

Another special project Landon and I were able to do together over the week of spring break was serve in New Orleans on our Church’s High School mission trip. This project looked a little different from decorating or ship-lapping a wall, but it was so rewarding. Their was a group of 23 of us that went down to NOLA and served all week in food pantries, soup kitchens and with the homeless people. The City of New Orleans is so pretty and has so much history but sadly this state also has so many lost and broken people. Watching our group of high schoolers give up their spring break to serve others was incredible and humbling. Also being able to watch my husband love on students and people all week made my heart melt even more.

There is nothing more humbling than serving other people who have less than you do. This past week was such a good reminder that our God is good and faithful. Landon and I loved that we were able to work together along with some incredible people all week. That’s what it’s all about, helping and loving others. I love that I am able to do that with my husband in so many different ways. We are beyond blessed.


Shiplap, Tiling and Jokes 

Landon and I loved working on this last project and had an absolute blast! We laughed a tone, learned a lot, and made a ton of jokes. We were honored to be able to help them change their home and are so thankful for how awesome they were.  The flip of their living room and kitchen turned out amazing!  

When Tami and I sat down and started talking about everything she wanted I knew it was going to be a drastic change from what they currently had. The biggest change she wanted to have happen was their fireplace. She really wanted to make it more a statement piece than it was. They also wanted to possibly move their tv from the corner to over the fireplace, if possible. I wanted to do something cool with the little nook that the tv amour sat in and really maximize their space as best as possible. I really also wanted to cut her plant/tree intake to half 🙂  Here are the before pictures: 

We decided that lightening everything up would make a huge difference and that started with the wall color. I really wanted to paint the walls to a light gray and Tami, like a pro,ended up painting the kitchen and living room in two days.  Tami liked the farmhouse look but also liked things to be clean & cut. I knew the fireplace would take us the most time and work so we got started on that first. We found some cool white herringbone tile that we both loved. We wanted to also add a fireplace bench to add some height and do the tile on that as well. I knew that re-tileing everything would be a little difficult, but I always love a challenge so I said, “let’s do this thang!” That is when things got fun and Tami’s tiling business opened up.😉 Landon built the fireplace bench that had a secrete little door on the side so that they would be able to still start their gas fireplace. We added shiplap all above the upper part of the fireplace with a big beam in the middle. 
Now listen, tiling with herringbone tile is not for the faint of heart. There were a lot of laughs and time that went into that tile and maybe a couple tears haha but in the end it turned out so pretty. It took us probably 3x as long as it would someone else, but if we hadn’t had done it ourselves then I wouldn’t be able to appreciate how much work goes into tiling herringbone. Plus, Tami and I wouldn’t have been able to bond over all the tiling fun we had together. But the biggest thing I learned was how much I will never tile herringbone tile again.😉 Overall though, we learned a lot and had a ton of fun hanging over at their house!

After talking with Tami I decided that doing a cool built in with some storage and shelves would be the best way to maximize that space in the corner now. I wanted to still carry the shiplap over to the nook to make the whole room flow but also tie in the brown beam, the window coverings and the kitchen table, so we also did some brown shelves. Landon built everything himself, like a pro and it all turned out so good! 

I love the fireplace so much and even though it made me sad to put that massive tv over the beautiful shiplaped wall, it all looks amazing! Their kitchen now looks so different and I had Calligraphy by Karmen make her a custom sign for the kitchen that turned out great! We are going to continue to get some things for the living room and have fun but we seriously had a blast working on their house and loved how it turned out. We made a lot of memories during this project and we are so thankful they allowed us to come in, cause a mess and work on their home. I am still trying to convince Tami to go into business with us 🙂 Here are all the afters of what it looks like now! 

Stay tuned for some more fun projects        from the Freeman’s! 

📷: Kristen Brooke Photography 

Farm House Flip

For anyone that knows me or has ever had a conversation with me knows that I love decorating houses. I love Home Goods. I love shiplap and I love building things (or watching my husband build things). So when I was approached by a friend about helping her move a couple things around, I jumped at the opportunity. But one of my dreams came true when she told me that she wanted to “flip her house” to a farm house look! It was like Christmas morning for me! The first thing I did was go through her house and have her tell me what sentimental things absolutely needed to stay and what things we could sell to make some extra “budget” cash. Her house was so opposite of a farm house that she had to get rid of virtually everything except about 10 items. However, she was just as excited as I was to flip her house to a farm house look.

We knew we wanted to start in the living room since that was where the biggest projects were going to be. Here is what her living room looked like before we started.

The biggest change I wanted to make happen was to do something about the fireplace and those two awkward indentions in the wall. I finally decided I wanted to shiplap the entire fireplace and add a custom bench at the bottom to improve the fireplace look/height.

I then wanted to take the deer heads off the wall and do something that took up a little bit more wall space. The ceiling of the house is 18ft and there are 3 giant walls that just made the room feel big and empty. That’s when I went to my second favorite thing, floating shelves. I decided 3-4 floating shelves on both sides of the TV would not only take up wall space but compliment the fireplace well.

We also talked about changing up and having Landon build a blanket ladder, a new coffee table, a new side table, a window covering, a bookshelf, a custom family sign done by Calligraphy by Karmen, and other small changes. After brainstorming and dreaming for a little bit, I decided a pallet wall on their stairwell wall would be awesome. I added that to my sweet hubby’s list 🙂

The first project we took on and tackled was the biggest one: the fireplace. I knew once we got that done we could see everything else start to come together. Landon started from the top and worked his way down (while trying not to cry from being up so high).

Once we got down to the actual fireplace, he had to start making custom cuts to fit around the fireplace design. Then he worked super hard on custom making the bench that came off the ground about 1 ft and out about 2 1/2 ft. I am so thankful I have a husband who is patient enough to make all those custom cuts and is able to come up with the design ideas and make them a reality.

While he was working on that, I was hanging the floating shelves and trying not to put 50,000 extra holes in the wall. Julie and I decided to spend the extra money and add the pipe above the shelving and the ropes in between the shelves.

Next we conquered the pallet wall! I thought it would be so much fun and add even more character to the room by doing the wall with pallet wood. We didn’t actually use pallet wood but got the same look. I LOVE the pallet wall and I found the most perfect side table with a slab of wood to match it exactly.

It seriously looks so cool and makes a huge difference in the room. My incredible husband worked so hard and made everything for the living room. What a stud 🙂

We also started working on the kitchen and flipping it as well. We began with changing her table and painting all the chairs. I decided that I wanted to make the top of her table wood instead of just painting it white. Landon did the top of the table and sealed it with a special sealer so food and liquids wouldn’t ruin it. We still have some small changes to make in the kitchen but it’s come a long way 🙂

You can see more pictures down below of everything that Landon made plus the start of the decorating as it was taking place. Stay tuned for the pictures from the next house we worked on!

The book shelf Landon built

Entry way piece that we built to fit on her wall:)

Wash, Fold, Dry, Repeat

It’s been a while since I last posted about a project that I worked on but I finally found time to write about another super fun project I did for my mom! 

Now that my mom has officially let me start to re-do her house, one room at a time and very slowly so she can watch my every move, 🙂 I have learned how much more I love decorating and flipping things.

The first project that my mom let me take on was her extra guest bathroom in their house. The bathroom had pretty much stayed the exact same for the last 8-10 years and it was ready for a change. It took Landon and I about 5-6 hours to completely finish it all, and I love it! 

After that, I wanted to move on to her laundry room next and try to take that on. Since she trusted me more on this room, because I did such a fantastic job on the bathroom, 🙂 I was able to do things on my own.

First thing I knew that needed to be done was that it needed to be painted. In order to save money, and because we loved the color, we used the same color gray that we used in the guest bathroom. All 3 walls of the laundry room were painted but one. I wanted to something fun and different on one wall to have an accent wall. After my mom and I talked and started looking, we decided that we were going to use contact paper on it. We found some we liked on and ordered 2 of them. Contact paper is awesome if you have patience. It is not very easy to work with, and can take some time measuring and cutting, but it is a great alternative because it’s not permanent. I measured out all the cuts that I needed to make in order to cover the wall and just started peeling away and sticking.

After that I looked at the counter tops in there and knew it was time to do something to them. We went back and forth about possibly doing concrete or even wood but decided to do something even easier: Suede paint. If you never knew, Ralph Lauren has different types of paint which are super cool and their suede paint is made to somewhat look like granite because of the movement in the paint. You can get it at HomeDepot or order it online. My moms counter tops in the laundry room are vinyl so I knew that I needed a primer to give my paint something to stick on. 

I used Kilz paint and primer and this stuff works super great. After letting it dry for about an hour I started painting away with my Suede paint. I will recommended that you buy their paint roller because it will bring in more morvment and help with the texture of the paint. It ended needing around 5 coats and then got sealed with 2 coats of polyurethane.

Then I ended up cutting and staining this large piece of wood to sit on top of the washer/ dryer so she could have more counter space to fold. We found this super cute white farm house light fixture on clearance at HomeDepot and knew we had to get it. Then I went to Hoby Lobby and got some new updated decor to go with new look.

Overall, this room took me about 6 hours and looks completely different. I absolutely love it and think it makes a huge difference. It didn’t cost too much and is so much better and functional than how it was before. If you’re going to spend so much time in your laundry room, might as well make it pretty and functional 🙂 



It inspired me to do a little update to my laundry room as well with the new Joanna Gaines paint 🙂

Stay tuned for my next project/ home re-do:) 

Welcome to my entry way

I’ve been going back and forth for about a month now on how I wanted to finish out our entry way. My sweet and talented husband built me this amazing entertainment system with sliding barn doors that I LOVE.  

 But with how long our wall is and where the Tv/entertainment system was I had this empty space in between my door and the entertainment system. I started to look on Pinterest and Instagram to see if there was anything that I liked. I fell in love with a couple entry way tables but, decided that I didn’t really want another table there. Finally I found this bench on and fell in love with it. 

After that I found this super cool tutorial about how I can add to the look of my big 5 gallon glass jug that I had. I love my big jug and love changing out what I put in it! I was so excited when I found something that I could do to protect it from breaking. You can order the glass jug online on Amazon and then follow these plans on how to make the wood crate that goes around it. Crate plans here.  

The great thing about this is that even if you have little kids, the crate is meant to make it safe so kids can’t push it over and break the glass jar. Landon knocked this DIY out super quickly and then I came in after to stain it. I wanted to add something more to it though than just the stain, so I took a little bit of my Annie Sloan paint and added some of my gray/white to it and then rubbed it in. 

After that I started to gather up all the different things that I wanted to put on my entry way wall. I decided to use some of my favorite signs plus my super cute picture of our house that my sister in law Maddie gave to us as a welcoming house gift! 🙂 She also did my “be still & know” sign that people were asking me about. 🙂 It makes a great “Welcome Home” gift! My super talented Sister-In-Laws store

I have a couple more things that I need to buy and make in order for it to be complete but for now I think it makes that big wall look so much better. I have to stay on my budget of “house junk” (as Landon calls it”) or I don’t get to go to Disney World in September 😦 so for now, this will do! 🙂 

The entry way to your house really does make a huge difference. It’s the first thing that people see when they walk into your home and the last thing they see as they leave. Because of that, add some character to it and make it personal! If you’re looking for something easy and cheap to do to change up your entry way or even somewhere else in your house then the 5 gallon crate is a great idea!  

Coming up next: How I flipped my moms laundry room in a day 🙂 

You Live You Learn 

My last blog post was all about my new favorite project our brick wall in the kitchen/ living room!

 It’s just so pretty and makes me so happy. Well before the brick wall happened, I wrote a blog post about how we flipped our kitchen in 4 days.  If you haven’t seen how we did it you can read about it here… Welcome to Our Kitchen

Today I’m going to share with you a couple things that I learned about painting kitchen cabinets.

When we went to the design center to pick everything out for our house, the nice lady there told us that white cabinets were not even an option 🙂 Therefore, I decided that I was just going to paint mine white because how hard could it be right? WRONG…..W.R.O.N.G! Now listen I read a number of blogs and studied on how several ladies did different things/ techniques and I finally decided how I was going to do it: white chalk paint and wax seal.

We removed all of our cabinet doors first then I started the process on painting them white.

 Now here is where I learned my first big lesson. If you have cabinets that have a seal over them like mine did then you have to, HAVE TO, put a primer on them first. If not you will use a ton of your nice white paint on the first 2/3 coats which pretty much make up the primer. You can try to sand them down but if you don’t have real wood cabinets, which if you do I’m jealous, then sanding down the cabinets are just going to expose your cheaper version wood and can actually damage the wood. So lesson 1: buy a good primer.


Lesson #2: Air flow= bad

I also learned that I needed to close my garage so debris couldn’t get in and mix with my paint on my cabinets. I thought that maybe I could crack my garage open to help with the air flow, but in reality all I did was let in a bunch of dirt, bugs, etc. Which then perceded to try to get on my wet painted cabinets. I know you won’t be able to keep all the stuff in the air out but you can save yourself a lot of trouble if you just close your garage or paint in a place that doesn’t have a lot of air flow.

Lesson #3: Buy a paint sprayer.

After about 5 coats of paint my cabinets were finally starting to look white.

 The problem was I hated the brush strokes from the paint brushes. Landon and Matt went to Home Depot and got a $40 sprayer that hooked up to Landon’s compressor and it worked like a dream. I poured the white paint in, added some water to it, and sprayed that bad boy. It took me and my friend Mallory about 40 minutes to do both sides. It was amazing. If you decide you don’t like the look that the sprayer is giving you, which I heard numerous people didn’t like, including myself, then just keep reading to my next lesson.

Lesson #4: Water and paint can be a good thing.  

 So whether you decide to spray or just hand brush your cabinets, when you start to get to your final coat you need to add water to your paint. I recently did this on another project and it was awesome. If you ever have thick paint and it is leaving brush strokes that you don’t like, add water. I took a plastic cup and mixed some of the paint and a little water together and then brushed over it and it was amazing. It looks watery but all it does it take away the brush stroke appearance of the splotchy look the sprayer can give you. You’ll have to figure out for yourself how much water you need to add depending on how much paint you have in your cup. You don’t want it too watery or it will just run everywhere, but adding water to your paint for the last two coats will make a world of difference.

 Lesson 5: Seal it good.

There are a ton of different sealers you can use honestly. I bought a bunch of wax sealer to use on the cabinets but actually ended up switching to polyurethane because I wanted just a tad glossier finish and I wanted a really good seal. I found that a wax seal with chalk paint isn’t as durable as the polyurethane.
Overall, painting our cabinets was miserable. Haha my friend Chelsa helped me a ton, along with my friend Mallory and Landon’s mom. I learned a lot on the way and if I could go back and re-do it, I totally would. But it was a good lesson learned and our cabinets still turned out pretty good! If you are thinking about re-doing your cabinets then make sure you are ready for the challenge! But in the end, it will all be worth it!



BIG NEWS: So I finally convinced my mom to start letting me re-do her house room by room!!:) Stay tuned for some fun house re-do’s! Yay!!

My favorite project! 


I finally have decided what my favorite project has been so far in our house. My brick wall! I seriously am in love with it. It makes the biggest difference in our living room/ kitchen and even though it wasn’t super cheap to do it, it was totally worth it. I started the project Friday morning at 8:00 am and finished Saturday afternoon around 4:30 pm. All though I took a couple breaks here and there plus a long break to sleep, I pretty much worked the entire time while watching netflix. I have been asked by so many people how I did my wall and if I can come to their house and do it for them 🙂 All though I would love to come and do it at everyone’s house because I think it looks awesome, I know some people out there can DIY themselves! If not, just call me 🙂 This project takes a lot of time and patience but in the end is totally worth it! Here we go!

Little warning though, this blog is long. Like really long. But I waned to make sure that if anyone wanted to do this project they knew exactly what to do 🙂 

The first thing that you are going to want to do is measure or guesstimate how much brick you are going to need. Originally, I bought some brick veneers from Lowes but ended up returning them because of how expensive they were and how much I was going to need. I researched different types of brick veneers and different companies. I ended up getting ours from Z-brick online because it was the best deal for the money. I got 33 square foot of brick veneers from them and by the end of the project had 1 full brick to spare :). I will give you a warning that the bricks might not look exactly like the picture online so if you want a better picture of the bricks you can email the company. They were so great to work with and the lady I emailed back and forth with was so helpful. The bricks got to our house within 2 weeks and shipping only cost $40; which trust me, is great for the amount of bricks I got and compared to other places. Plus, only 1 brick out of hundreds of bricks was broke upon arrival; just one, that to me is amazing.

After you order your bricks you need to get the rest of your supplies. It is super important that you get a good adhesive that will stick to your wall so that your bricks/brick adhesive have something to hold too. I looked at a bunch of different blogs and reviews and found that Omni Grip from Home Depot was the best. I got just the one gallon of it and still had about 1/4 of it left after doing my project, so it goes a long way. Liquid nail is the brick adhesive that I used to put on the back of the bricks before sticking them onto the walls. I used about a total of 8 1/2 of them for the whole project.

When it comes to grouting your bricks you are going to want to make sure that you get sanded grout. Why should you get sanded grout instead of just regular grout? Because trust me,sanded grout is way more forgiving, easier to work with and is way easier to brush off your bricks. You will see later in pictures why you will want to get sanded grout. I got PolyBlend grout from Home Depot in antique white. If you ask them for the card with all the colors on it, you will be able to see and imagine the colors better.

After you get all the big things then all you need is a sander, some gallon ziplock baggies, a bucket, a trowel, a paint brush, laser level/ruler, loose change and some old rags or towels. Now lets get started!

After you have gotten your bricks in and hopefully measure or guesstimated right on how much you needed you are going to want to make sure that your wall(s) are clean. Having dirt or dust on them will prevent the omni grip from sticking as well as it should. After cleaning you need to determine how big you want your grout to be. I knew that I wanted mine to be a bit bigger than usual so my main spacer was actually a nickel. I had Landon go through all of our change jars and pull out all of our nickels plus a couple of quarters, dimes, and pennies. The reason I decided to use loose change as my spacers is because your brick veneers are more than likely not going to be all even and perfect. I had some that were skinnier, longer and had indentions in them, therefore sometimes I would have to use a quarter instead of a nickel or a penny instead of a nickel.


 I decided that I wanted to leave my base boards on, but really it is up to you. I laid my first brick right above the base board, then put a nickel above it, marked it and then moved the brick to the top of my marking and marked again. I did this all the way up my wall so that way I could see that all my bricks were going to fit and I wasn’t going to be left with a huge gap at the top. Plus I wanted to make sure I stayed even as I moved up the wall. After that is when you are going to want to get out your omni grip. This stuff is super easy to work with! After I made all my markings, I just put some of the omni grip on my trowel and smoothed it all over the wall.  

 I at first only did a small section to make sure that I was doing it right, but after awhile I started doing it in huge sections so that it would dry faster and I could move faster. You want to smear it all over you wall in a thin layer. You don’t have to do a super thick layer or you are going to be waiting a long time for it to dry. I started to not wait for it to dry but found out that your adhesive will stick to it way better if you let it dry. I let it dry for about 20-30 minutes and then started laying my bricks.

In order to lay your bricks on the wall you are going to need your trowel again and liquid nail. This is where your frosting cookies/ cakes skills will come in. You are going to want to do a good thick layer of the adhesive, kind of like a good frosted cookie.  

 After that, take your trowel and make a line in the middle of your brick so it causes it to suction to the wall. Then just press it on the wall and push on it for a couple seconds and then it’s good to go. The bottom layer will be easy because it will just rest upon your trim or floor. After that is when you are going to want to pull out your loose change!

I went in small sections and worked my way up and then out. I didn’t go all the way across the wall but instead just laid out about 4 bricks and then went up to the second row and started laying those bricks down. I took my nickels and spaced them out to the side and then spaced them out on top. 

 I just placed them on top of my first row brick and then let the second row brick rest on top of the nickel. After a couple bricks I really started to get in a groove and moved quickly. However, once I ran out of nickels, I had to wait for them to dry before I could take them away and re-use them somewhere else. It took about 30 minutes for the adhesive to stick to the wall good enough so I could remove the nickels without the brick sliding down the wall.After that I just started to work my way up and down the wall. When I got to our outlet on the wall I just took a hammer and chisel and chipped away at a brick till it was the perfect size to go around the outlet. 


Some people used a wet saw to cut their bricks, however I didn’t have one of those so I just used the chisel and hammer. Brick veneers actually break pretty evenly if you hammer it right. Only two of my bricks out of the 50 that I chiseled broke at a different spot then I wanted them too.


After that I let my bricks dry over night and then I started the grouting processes! 

Sanded grout is messy and gets everywhere so I highly advise you to lay down a big blanket or drop cloth to catch all the grout that will fall. I mixed the grout in a large bucket and then got out my zip lock baggies. I scooped about 3 large scoops in the bag and then cut out a corner of the ziplock bag and started to squeeze the grout in between the bricks. 

It took some time for me to get use to this and my first section that I worked on with the grout was a real struggle. If you don’t mix your grout enough and it is too chunky or dry then it will not lay right on the wall. If you put too much water in your grout and it is too liquid-y then it wont stick to the wall and will run down the bricks. You want your grout to look like a good frosty from Wendy’s or milkshake. You want it to be thick and be able to move but not too wet. After you figure that out, you will just sit there for a while and grout. I wouldn’t mix the whole bag of grout at once because once it starts to dry it wont come out of the bag as well. I did about 3 different round of grout from one bag. That way I didn’t have to keep getting back up to add water and remix it once it started to get hard.I did the grouting in really large sections and once I used all the grout in my bucket I would stop and grab my rag and start to work with the grout.  


Once the grout started to dry, I gave it about 15-20 minutes and then would use the rag to press down on the grout and really push it in the crevasses. You are going to just want to wrap your finger in a rag and press down on the rag because if you don’t use something to cover your fingers they will start to hurt from the lime and texture. Trust me, I tried my finger at first and later that day my hands hurt. After pressing the grout firmly into the crevasses, grab the back of your paint brush and start to swoop it down the lines and create that indention in the grout. After, turn your brush over and start to brush away at the grout that got on the bricks. If your grout isn’t dry enough yet then it will start to just come completely out of the wall when you start to press on it, if it does that then you need to wait longer for the grout to grab onto the omni grip and dry a little more.

 Once you have done all that you can step away and start to look and see where you might need to sand some of the grout away or maybe take the back of your paint brush and re-work the grout. Once I got started and got the hang of it, it really became quit easy. It took me about a day and a half to finish the complete wall.  My sweet husband and dad did come in after I had finished and touched up my grout for me because at that point I was kind of done with the grout. 🙂 I went back with some white paint, water and my paint brush and somewhat whitewashed some of the bricks to give it some variation and differentiation.  It was pretty easy and really forgiving so if you want to add some color or “old timey” feel to your bricks white washing is an easy way to do it.

 I have gone back with a grout sealer and started to seal the grout but it says to make sure your grout is completely dry before you start to seal it. So I have started to do that slowly.


Let me know if you have any questions! I tried to type out all my thoughts and how I did everything but a lot of it I learned while I went and kind of adjusted as I went! Landon and I seriously love it and think it has added such a difference to our kitchen and living room. Overall this project cost us close to $350 with a lot of the money going to the brick veneers. But it is totally worth it!

Happy bricking!!




What you will need:

Brick Veneers

Omni Grip

Wall adhesive- We used liquid nail from Lowes



ziplock bags

bucket (to mix the grout)

Paint brush

towels/ rags

laser level/ ruler

loose change (mostly nickels)

Welcome to our Kitchen


I cannot believe that we have been living in our house now for almost 2 months! Sometimes, I feel like it has been longer and then other times, when I look at unpacked boxes, I feel like we just moved in and the boxes will never end. This blog has been over due and I have been wanting to sit down and write about how we flipped our kitchen in 4 days but honestly there is A LOT that went on and went down, so I have been putting it off a little. But finally, after many people asking me about it, I have finally began to sit down and write about how we did out kitchen in just 4 short days. This blog is just going to be showing you the overview of our kitchen, but stay tuned on more specific blogs coming soon!

Like I have said before, when we bought our house I knew that we were not going to be able to get certain styles and items in our kitchen due to cost. Therefore, we decided that we would just DIY a lot of it after moving in. After watching HGTV, I felt like we could do anything. Our kitchen was our biggest undertaking and then after that we took on doing shiplap walls in our bedroom, which I will talk about in another post 🙂 For this post I wanted to show you our kitchen. So welcome to the “Before” of the Freeman household kitchen!

Due to cost, we were not allowed to get white cabinets, like I wanted and had dreamed about, so instead we got these dark brown ones so that I would be able to paint over them and distress them.  


As you can see here, we also took the stainless still small sink and basic faucet with it.

The dark cabinets just made the whole kitchen feel very small and enclosed. I also knew that I wanted to do something different with our island.

When it came to our counter tops, we just took the basic laminate counter tops because I knew that I wanted to do concrete counter tops instead.  Also, we opted for no back splash because I knew that we could do that ourselves as well! We pretty much took everything standard and basic to save money.

We officially closed on our house on January 29th, 2016! We officially started renovating our house on January 29th, 2016 🙂 3 hours after closing 🙂 Now you might call us crazy, but it was a fun experience with some great friends and family! Here is how we started!

  1. The first thing we knew we needed to get started on was painting the cabinets. We removed all the cabinets and their hinges. We took them to the garage where we had a big blue drop cloth waiting for them. After about 9 coats of paint and a couple tears shed, I wanted to smash every cabinet door in sight and seriously considered how upset I would make my husband if I hired someone to make custom white cabinets. 🙂 Finally though, I figured out the best way to paint cabinets and things I should have avoided. I am going to be writing about it on my next blog, so stay tuned!
  2. We did our concrete counter tops and realized that it is not that hard but you have to be really good at smoothing out concrete and a lot of patience. 🙂 I am going to be writing another blog on how to do those because once again, it was a lot of steps and things to buy. So stay tuned for how to do concrete counter tops 🙂
  3. We did our back splash in white subway tile and a gray grout for a contrast. Subway tile is cheap and not super hard but if you don’t have a wet saw to cut the tile then it would be way more difficult. Stay tuned for how we did our Subway tile and all that you need to do your own subway tile.

Overall, I LOVED doing our renovations before we moved in. We didn’t have to live in our renovations and were able to move in slowly over the whole week and unpack as we went. It was a great experience and we had a ton of fun with our friends Matt and Chelsa. We also had our fantastic families that came and helped us throughout the experience.Stay tuned for all the break downs of how we did everything in our kitchen and our ship lap walls 🙂

Welcome to the new Freeman household kitchen!


As you can see, the farm house sink made a huge and incredible difference. We got the sink and new faucet on for a super great price and it wasn’t to hard to install. It has made a huge difference and I am so glad that we went ahead and spent the extra couple hundred to get it.

The top of our island became a butcher block that Landon and I made over the course of a couple of days. We bought a butcher block sealer so food, water, etc can all sit on it and not ruin it. It is one of my favorite things in our kitchen. I also found these awesome corbels online on to add some character to our island. They were $80 for both of them and I think they make a big difference, so it was worth the money.


This was our extra wall in our kitchen that we could have paid a good chunk of money to have more cabinets put in. But instead we decided that we wanted to do something different. I really wanted to make the kitchen feel very open so I knew I didn’t want any bulky pieces of furniture. Instead, Landon built me this concrete farm house table off of a picture I gave him from Fixer Upper. 🙂 Not only did it save us some money but I like it a whole lot more than just more cabinets. I still want to do some more things to this wall and change some things around but until my husband gives me more money, it will be staying like this:)



I bought our table and chairs from round top last spring and re-did them over time. I got the table and 6 chairs for $200! It started as a yellow mustard table with yellow chairs and burlap seats. I re-painted it and re-did the seat cushions to more my style. I also did that chandelier over time and customized to fit my style. The floating shelves were done by Landon and I think he did a fantastic job on them 🙂

As you can see, our kitchen looks a whole lot bigger and brighter! Little things like adding nobs to our cabinets and adding the corbels below the island really made a huge difference. I LOVE our new kitchen and love that we did it together with friends in only 4 days. It didn’t cost us a whole lot but it made a huge different and feels a lot more like our home.

I haven’t completely finished decorating but my sweet and responsible husband has put me on a budget so we can afford to buy food. 🙂

If you want to know how we did our kitchen cabinets and things to AVOID while doing them then stay tuned for my next blog!

Thanks for reading and for visiting our kitchen! 🙂



Barn doors everywhere!

  I love barn doors. I actually love all types of cool, rustic, vintage looking doors. Replacing doors in a home can really change up the whole room and can be inexpensive if you know where to look.  Since we were buying a track home with a larger builder, I really wanted to try and bring some unique features into our home to make it “ours” and bring out the rustic look. One of the easiest ways to do that; replace the standard white doors that the house came with fun barn doors.

I decided that the two doors I was going to start on was our master bathroom doors and our pantry door. The pantry door I wanted to do for fun and to add more of a wood look to match our kitchen island butcher block. But our bathroom doors I wanted to do for not only looks but also to maximize the space of our bathroom. agasdfasdfThe door that came in the master bath actually opened up into the bathroom and therefor was cutting off half of the space, making it feel really small and enclosed.

Once I landed on that idea I started to do my research on what type of wood and materials I would need to make this door. I didn’t want it to be too heavy because I didn’t want to brace two heavy doors. Finally after reading about what other people did I came up with how I wanted it to look and started right to work!

I ended up getting individual fence boards because they were light weight and only cost $1.55 each. Because of the measurements of the door I had to cut one of the boards in half. After that I laid them all out and started to drill them into the wood.

However, because the wood is light weight and not very thick, it started to split easily, so my husband got out his nail gun and we used small trim nails to attach the board across to all the wood. I loved it because it not only held it but you couldn’t really see the nail holes in the wood. After that I got to sanding… and then after I sanded some more. zvxcvzThen I flipped both boards over and sanded even more. If you want to save yourself some time you can buy wood that is already sanded but you will spend a little bit more money. I didn’t really mind sanding though, so I saved the money and sanded for probably around 30-45 minutes on each side.



For my pantry door I bought heavier and already treated wood so I actually didn’t have to IMG_1491sand that wood at all! However, it is way heaver and thicker than my bathroom doors.

After sanding, I started to stain both sides and then added a final coat of polyurethane to protect it. I bought hinges from Lowes and then bought pipes to make the handles out of. However I ended up taking all the pipe back because it was around $40 for all the pipe material opposed to the $6 each at Hobby Lobby 🙂

After hanging up both doors in the kitchen and in our bedroom I am in love! The pantry door cost us around $50 to make (including the hinges and the handle) and the bathroom doors cost us around $30 to make (including hinges and the handles). They both seriously make such a difference in both rooms and were super easy to make, stain and seal. If you want to make a cute and inexpensive change to a room or hallway start looking and different door ideas!


Stay tuned to see our kitchen and bedroom make over !! 🙂

Material needed for pantry door:

5- 2x6x8

3- 1x6x8

1- 1x4x8

Circular or Table Saw


2 1/2 inch screws

Nail gun

Black hinges (Lowes)

Door handle (Lowes)

Material needed for bathroom door:

8- Fence boards

Door handles- Hobby Lobby

Circular or Table Saw

Problem Solved

We only have a couple more days till we move into our brand new house and I am beyond excited! This weekend we actually wont be moving in, we will be renovating the kitchen first. I know I know, I am crazy to move into a brand new house and renovate it already. But we both knew when we were looking at the home design center that everything we liked was out of our price range. So this weekend we have signed up our besties Matt and Chelsa to renovate the kitchen with us and possibly do some other stuff 🙂 Yahooo! I can not wait to show everyone how we transform our track home into a more custom “Fixer Upper” style house!


For our master bedroom we will be doing shiplap walls all around but more to come later on that 🙂 Since our master bedroom is not as ginormous as I would like it to be I have been trying to find ways to save space but still make it functional for us. Which comes to my problem with our end of the bed. We got our headboard for FREE (score!) from some good friends of ours and I was able to spray paint it a dark bronze/wrought iron color to match our bedroom.

Unfortunately, they didn’t still have the foot board which sent me on a hunt. At first I spent a ton of time online trying to see if I could just buy only a footboard, which apparently is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Then, when I was able to find one it didn’t even match the design of the headboard. Finally, I gave up on the hunt for a footboard and fell in love with the idea of having some sort of bench at the end of our bed. That then sent me into another hunt for finding the right bench that I liked and one that wouldn’t cause Landon to talk to me again about “spending money” or “budgeting.” Just kidding, kind of. I am glad I have him or I would have spent all of our money on home renovations and chandeliers. 🙂

I finally came across a bench on Pinterest xxshi5262bd513a1b4that was the style that I liked and said it was only $15 to make, so I was sold. I went to Lowes and got 2- 2x4x8 and 1-2x6x12. The instructions were pretty easy to follow except I changed a couple of things through out the process.


I started by cutting my board and making the legs of the bench first. My helpful hubby had to help me with


cutting off the leg boards at 45 degree angels because that is not my thing yet.

After that I cut the 2x6x12 in half and start to screw the legs into the boards but then realized I didn’t want my bench to be that long so I actually went and shaved about 2 1/2 feet off of it.

After that I continued to follow the instructions until it came time to add the two last boards going at an angel. This was a lot more difficult that I thought it would be.

After about 4 tries I had to let Landon take over because I didn’t have the patience to keep trying so I just moved onto another one of my projects 🙂  Finally, he got it and screwed them in there for me. I finished the bench off with the dark walnut stain and gave it a clear coating. Landon loves the finish that this sealer gives because it is shiny and makes it look really nice and clean cut. fgafssdf

Overall, this bench really did cost us around $15 and was made in about a couple of hours. If you are looking for an inexpensive bench that has a farmhouse look to it then this bench is perfect! It would be so cute painted different colors or put at your entry way or even outside. This bench has a ton of possibilities!  I am excited to put it at the end of our bed soon 🙂

Stay tuned for our home renovations coming next week! 🙂

Here are the plans that I followed for the bench to make it easier on you 🙂